It happens every day in marketing, and frames why recording studios help marketing videos perform better. Here’s the scenario.

You’ve spent time and money producing a marketing video to generate sales leads. You poured over the script to make sure every word is perfect, and you labored over the storyboard to make sure every shot is on target. You upload your video to your website or a video hosting service and hope it engages—and little happens. What gives?

It could be the quality of your audio.

Studies show that audio quality is more important than image quality to keep viewers engaged. According to the Audio Engineering Society, people tend to react negatively toward any kind of video that has poor-quality audio, even if the visuals are spectacular. Inversely, people tend to enjoy and become engaged by videos with good-quality audio, even if the visuals are poor.

In other words, if all you’re using is a laptop microphone, an in-camera microphone, or something similar to record audio for your videos, you may be doing yourself a big disservice, especially if you buy into the common misconception that recording studios are just for bands.

They’re not. Recording studios are designed to deliver top-quality audio for any purpose:

  • narration for sales or marketing videos
  • onboarding and engagement videos
  • videos for unsubscribe pages
  • product demo or explainer videos
  • webinars and sales presentations
  • in-house training videos
  • employee communications or company culture videos
  • podcasts for audio-hosting sites like SoundCloud

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Quality audio recordings are also a smart investment.

Yes, it may cost you nothing to record narration using your laptop microphone or some inexpensive external microphone found lying around. But a zero-dollar investment up front in audio quality still adds up to zero on the bottom line if poor audio quality causes people to bail just seconds into your video.

Such a situation only leaves you with two choices: Leave your video up and continue to create a poor image for your business or take your video down and watch your hard work go down the drain.

If, on the other hand, you invest a few hundred dollars up front into a pro-quality audio recording, your likelihood of generating leads to recoup your initial investment and make a profit goes up. And here’s a tip to save you money on up-front costs.

You don’t need to hire a voice actor to do your narration.

Everyday people have narrated some of the most effective marketing videos out there, for a simple reason. In an age where consumers value honesty and want to hear from people who come across as authentic and relatable peers, narration by a professional voice actor can come across as contrived and salesy.

Said more simply: If you can talk, you have all the training you need to do your own narration. If you’re not comfortable sitting in front of a microphone, you can always ask a colleague, or friend, or anyone.

However you choose to have your narration done, just remember: Audio quality is more important than image quality to keep viewers engaged, meaning recording studios help marketing and business videos perform better.

So, speak with someone at a local recording studio. Ask them for a tour. Ask about their experience and samples of their work. Then compare their prices and work against competitors. Spending time researching a recording studio may seem more complicated than simply flipping open your laptop and pressing the Record button, but investing a few minutes of time up front amounts to little when you consider that a well-recorded marketing video can generate engagement and leads for years.

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