If you’re a young band that doesn’t have a Facebook page (or have one but rarely use it), that’s understandable. Given the user demographics, Facebook is where older people hang out, and people generally prefer hanging out with their peers. That means, if you’re a young band, you probably favor social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, which are predominantly used by people age 18-34 and 18-29, respectively.

Trouble is, Facebook has more users in Canada than Instagram, and while Facebook’s users may generally be older than Instagram users, research shows why you should not neglect a Facebook page.

Facebook Wins by Users, Content Sharing and Frequency of Use


According to Facebook, Statista, Forrester Data Digest and Techvibes:

  • There are more than 19-million Facebook users in Canada.
  • More than 14-million Canadians check their Facebook news feeds every day.
  • Ontario has the most active Facebook users in the country with 4-million active users.
  • Canadians share a total of nearly 5-billion pieces of content monthly.
  • In a given month, 63% of Facebook users will access the Facebook app. They go into the app (on average) 15 t