Bands commonly ask, “How do I promote my band online?” The “how” naturally comes from what you hope to achieve. If you want to attract more people to your band website (which should ideally factor into most of your promotions), then knowing top keywords searched by music fans online is going to help you reach your goal.

To get you there more easily, this blog covers key information about three important things for bands:

  1. The most important keyword you have and why
  2. How keywords operate differently on search engines versus social channels
  3. Top music keywords according to SEMrush

Guelph-area bands: Please note the special keyword consideration at the end of the keyword list below.

The most important keyword you have and why

Your band name is your biggest keyword asset. If fans know your band name, they’re obviously going to know to Google it, and your website will pop right up in search engine results pages (SERPs). Yet music fans who have never heard of your band won’t know to Google your band name. So, if your goal is to expand your fan base, you’ll need to include more general music keywords and phrases on your website that are relevant to general music searches.

A general keyword phrase like “live local music,” for example, more closely matches what potential fans search for on a Saturday night.

How keywords operate differently on search engines versus social channels

While keywords in social posts do not play a direct role in increasing your website’s ranking in search engines, they play an indirect role.

When a social post contains a link to your website’s band merch page, for example, Google recognizes any traffic generated to your website from the post. Traffic improves ranking on SERPs, which leads to greater online discovery by potential fans.

Social platforms are also powerful search engines in their own right. So, including general music keywords in posts helps boost discovery on social, which helps boost website traffic.

Top music keywords according to SEMrush

Keywords are certainly not fixed in popularity. Just as the music industry has one-hit wonders, some keywords are popular for brief periods of time. Yet many keywords and phrases have stood the test of time and remain fairly constant in popularity. So, depending on your goal, here are the top music keywords relevant to bands (at the time of this blog) according to SEMrush.

For people who aren’t musicians but involved in the music industry (e.g.: recording studio owners and rehearsal space operators), this blog also contains general music keywords relevant to the larger scope of music.

Top Keywords for Bands

“Live Music”

  • Restaurants with live music
  • Live music near me
  • Live music
  • Bars with live music
  • Live music near me tonight
  • Live music venue

“New Music”

  • New music
  • New music releases

“Bands like…”

SEMrush shows that people are always looking for bands who either cover songs by their favorite artists or play originals that remind them of their favorite artists. A few examples:

  • Bands like Green Day
  • Bands like Imagine Dragons
  • Bands like Led Zeppelin

Top Keywords for the Music Industry


  • Rehearsal space
  • Band rehearsal space
  • Rehearsal space near me
  • Music rehearsal space
  • Rehearsal space for rent
  • Recording studio space for rent


  • Rehearsal studios
  • Rehearsal studios near me
  • Music rehearsal studios
  • Music rehearsal studios near me
  • Recording studio
  • Recording studios near me


  • Rehearsal room
  • Rehearsal rooms near me
  • Rehearsal rooms for rent
  • Rehearsal rooms for rent near me

Special Keyword Considerations for Guelph-area Bands

While targeted keyword phrases like “live music Guelph” and “Guelph bars live music” would seem like phrases that people in the Guelph area would search, few people do.

As an example: Where the general search term “restaurants with live music” had a search volume of 90,500, “live music Guelph” had a search volume of 10.

Also, people are not really searching for “livestream concert.” As noted in our blog COVID’s Hard Lessons About Live Music Performance, over half of music listeners surveyed for the Music Industry Report said they did not enjoy livestreamed performances. So, it makes sense that people are still not searching for them.

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