We have a few key items to share with you! First, an update on the studio construction, then some information about our opening date, and finally, a question for you!

Construction Update

Shortly before Christmas, we received approval to proceed with construction. What a present that was! Over the past two weeks, the team has been very busy. The sound-suppressing floor has been installed, and the studios are starting to take shape.

The flooring construction, showing the sound-suppressing sub-floor covered by two layers of plywood.

A week later, floor complete. L to R: engineer and isolation booths; Large rehearsal studio; small rehearsal studio.

Opening Date

While the work is proceeding well, the one schedule risk is the custom sound-proof doors. We’re hoping they arrive by mid-February, but it could be as late as mid-March. As a result, we’re thinking that April 1 is a safe opening date.

The booking calendar is adjusted on the website to reflect the new opening date, so feel free to book a studio today!

Over the next couple of weeks, we expect to complete:

    • The framing of all studio and hallway walls and other rooms. The room-within-a-room design will help make sure that each studio contains it’s own sound.
    • The electrical should be almost done, if not complete. Each studio will be on its own circuit with power conditioners. This will help make sure you have uninterrupted sessions.
    • We will update the website with more details about each studio.

All of this helps in fulfilling our mission of designing great music studios for Guelph.

A Question For You

What do you think we should name the individual studios? Numbers only? Famous Guelph musicians and bands? Famous Canadian musicians and bands? Colours? Musical styles? An auction to name after the highest bidders, or let the winners pick a name?

Sound off in comments below – we’re all ears! We look forward to helping you get your groove on!