We’re back with more to share. With just over a month remaining before we open our doors things are getting exciting! You can also enjoy the video walk-through at the bottom of this post.

Sprung Ceilings

While we have already shown you the pucks under the floating floors intended to isolate each studio from floor vibration, we also are hanging the ceiling by springs! Our engineers designed the strength and location of these springs very carefully, to ensure that the sound inside the studios stays there. There is a second ceiling above the sprung one that is more solid, providing additional suppression of any vibrations that have gotten through, and providing a solid top for us to maintain the facility above the studios.

Vent Socks

Socks? In a music studio design? That’s right! If you think about it, getting fresh air into these sealed rooms is going to be extremely important! Otherwise, during a jam session, people may start to faint due to oxygen deprivation.

So, what are we doing about that? We have a special HVAC zone set up for the studios. The ductwork has been designed with sound insulation to eliminate wind noise, as well as noise from other studios passing through the system. In addition, we had to put a sock between the ceiling vent and the duct work to prevent any vibrations from passing right through the ceiling via the metal material.

Studio Doors and a Window

The biggest time dependency in the construction project to build great rehearsal and recording studios was the manufacture of the super-effective STC-65 doors and window. These doors and windows have to be custom built, and it can be months between order and delivery. The paint, carpeting, and cleanup can’t happen until these doors have been installed. As a result, we’re waiting with eagerness for them to arrive!

There will be two sets of doors into each studio, a solid hallway door and the inside soundproof door. These inside doors are the same kind of door you find in movie theatres that, when you close the door, completely silences the sound of the movie. Yes, we’re using these doors on the inside of every studio. Doors and windows are the most common cause of sound leaks, so we knew that it was important to get this part right.

The window will be installed between the recording live room and the engineer booth. It too will be very effective at eliminating sound, allowing the engineer to hear the music as it’s intended without any sound leaking in from the live room.


Another nice treat was getting the kitchen cabinetry installed, along with the kitchen counter and the reception counter. The breakfast bar counter (we’ll come up with a better name for that soon) will be installed after the concrete floors are ground, polished, and sealed. But it is starting to look really nice!

Construction Walk-Through

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