Here’s what’s unique about RCS Records, Royal City Studios’ newly launched independent music label, offering quality recording and à la carte marketing services for indie artists to equip them with the essentials to reach the next level.

You know it takes more than a great song to build success as an artist. It takes a quality recording, marketing, and (most importantly) people in your corner who support your vision and keep the integrity of your art intact.

This describes the spirit behind the not-for-profit independent music label RCS Records.

RCS Records - Guelph's new independent record label

The RCS Records team works with bands and solo artists to equip them with the essentials for success, whether that vision involves establishing your brand and releasing on an independent record label or building on what you’ve already established. You choose what you want. You’re not tied into anything, and you own everything.

RCS Records Operates as a Flexible Marketing Partner

Some artists need an airplay-quality recording and full marketing services. Others already have some pieces in place but need others. To serve the varied needs and goals of artists, RCS Records operates both as an independent record label and a flexible marketing partner, providing services that cover three essential areas:

  • Recording

All types of artists have recorded albums, singles, and more at Royal City Studios’ fully equipped studio, complete with 24-channel DAW, the latest Pro Tools and plugins, top-end microphones, drums, amps, and more. Bring your own engineer or choose an RCS engineer.

  • Marketing

From EPKs and website content to video recording and artwork for album covers or social posts, RCS Records provides a wide range of marketing services from which to choose, either in tandem with a recording or separately. If you don’t know what you need, RCS Records will help you figure that out according to your goals.

  • Promotion

RCS Records will work with artists to plan a targeted promotional strategy, including social promotion, music media press releases, and radio play submission. If you want to take your marketing material and handle your own promotions, no worries. At the end of the day, all marketing material is yours to use as you wish.

RCS Records promotional artwork examples

Examples of promotional artwork available through RCS Records.

RCS Records Listens

Listening is intrinsic to how RCS Records partners with artists, along with transparency, accountability, and respect. Though RCS Records provides a full range of services as an independent record label, artists ultimately know what they need and where they want to go. RCS Records’ job is to listen and help artists get there without changing who they are or signing their music away.

RCS Records Stands Apart in Two Main Ways

Recording Opportunities

RCS Records occasionally releases its own original music and is committed to providing opportunities for local singers and musicians of all ages and experience levels to participate in recordings. Following Royal City Studios on Facebook and Instagram, subscribing to the RCS newsletter, or being in the RCS building to rehearse, record, or perform helps keep artists in the loop about opportunities to:

  • Be on an original RCS recording
  • Build experience
  • Connect with other artists and opportunities
  • Increase visibility of an artist’s socials/website through RCS promotions
  • Earn income from any RCS royalties from streaming/airplay or other sources

Digital Artwork

Great visuals are essential to websites, social posts, and music releases no matter what the format—and tools like Canva just don’t cut it.

Unlike many (or most) independent record labels, RCS Records has in-house services to create custom digital artwork for music releases or promotions as an à la carte service to recording projects or as a stand-alone service. RCS Records’ design services are backed by years of experience creating album artwork, posters, social images, and more for artists.

Artwork - RCS Records - independent record label

Examples of custom album artwork available through RCS Records.

As an example, the above album art (finished and concept) was created by digital artist and longtime RCS associate Xristopher Bland, who has been creating track art, concert posters, social images, and more for bands and Royal City Studios since 2019.

At the End of the Day, It’s About Time

There are only so many hours in the day, and artists regularly tell the RCS Records team that although they know what they need and want to achieve, they simply don’t have enough time to handle marketing and image creation on top of writing/recording music. As both an independent record label and marketing partner, RCS Records exists to save artists time so they can focus on their music.

Contact RCS Records Today to Learn More

Everything begins with a conversation. Even if you just want to chat and walk away to consider things, RCS Records welcomes that conversation to help make your music happen.

Email, call (226) 314-2177, or drop by Royal City Studios at 930 Woodlawn Road W., Unit 1, in Guelph, ON.

GPS: Latitude: 43.534161, Longitude: -80.318626.