This week in RCS Music News Weekly: Step 2 Reopen begins two days early, Voices now welcoming musicians and singers, Royal G Symphony livestreams “The King’s Highway” on June 27th, and The Hip launches Lake Fever Lager. But first…

Truth and Reconciliation


Guelph Sits Out Canada Day Celebrations This Year

The Rotary Club of Guelph announced it will pause Guelph’s Canada Day celebrations this year in observance of ongoing provincial COVID-19 public health measures.

Respecting the decision by the Rotary Club (which has organized Guelph’s Canada Day festivities for almost three decades), the City of Guelph issued a statement encouraging Guelph residents (and all Canadians) to embrace Canada Day as a time for reflection and to “stand together against intolerance and in support of Truth and Reconciliation.”

“Throughout May and June,” says the statement, “we have celebrated diversity at our best and experienced grieving and loss at our worst. As we approach Canada Day, we reflect on Juneteenth, the multicultural festival, the Pride flag blowing in the wind, our national Indigenous celebrations and ceremonies toward healing, and the discovery of 215 Indigenous children at the former residential school site in Kamloops.”

Other communities across Canada—from Victoria, B.C. to Wilmot Township in Waterloo Region—have also cancelled Canada Day celebrations this year out of respect for Indigenous communities, Truth and Reconciliation, and the discovery of the remains of 215 Indigenous children.

Against this national backdrop (which now includes the June 24th discovery of 751 unmarked graves on the grounds of the former Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan), some local live music performances may be happening in and around the Canada Day weekend, like the COVID-safe drive-in concert currently slated for June 28th to June 30th at Bingemans on the Grand with Kitchener’s Tragically Hip tribute band, The Almost Hip. And people everywhere across the country certainly deserve the opportunity to celebrate after 15 long months in a pandemic stranglehold. Yet Kitchener’s Canada Day page expresses what many are feeling about Canada Day and the country’s Indigenous peoples:

“This year, Canada Day should be a day of reflection and remembrance. It’s an opportunity for residents to thoughtfully examine what it means to be Canadian and understand our country’s Indigenous roots and the racism that still exists today.”

Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault released the same message on June 18th when announcing the Lights on Canada Day show. “Canada Day allows us to hold a truthful, reconciliatory and inclusive dialogue while strengthening the ties that unite us and looking toward our country’s future with hope and confidence while acknowledging darker episodes of our history.”

Guelph musician fined for driveway show - RCS Music News Weekly

Guelph Musician Fined for Driveway Show

On June 19th, Guelph musician Monty Greig was slapped with $1,495 in fines for giving a driveway performance to stoke community spirit.

“I’m just so deflated by it,” said Greig in an interview with The Toronto Star. “I thought I would wake up today and be inspired. Instead, I’ve woken up and feel like I don’t want to do anything anymore for the community of Guelph.”

Greig’s feelings are understandable.

As reported by The Toronto Star, $880 of Greig’s fine was for having more than 10 people on his property, even though a short video of his performance shows eight people standing physically distanced in small groups on the easement in front of his house. The remaining $615 in fines was for hosting “a nuisance party,” even though a bylaw officer told Greig he could go ahead with the performance if it was okay with his neighbors, who didn’t express any concerns after Greig put out leaflets throughout his neighborhood before the show.

In response to the fine, some people expressed support for Greig and offered to chip in to help pay the fine. Greig said he also received “a ton” of “nasty” messages from people who said he shouldn’t have held the driveway concert in the first place.

In other words, where Greig’s fine can be likened to getting a flat tire, some people decided to stop and pointlessly say, “If you didn’t want to get a flat tire, you shouldn’t have bought a car in the first place.”

Roadmap to Reopen - RCS Music News Weekly

Step 2 of Roadmap to Reopen Begins Early

The Ontario government announced that Step 2 of Roadmap to Reopen will begin June 30th—two days earlier than the province had planned.

Under Step 2 (Performing Arts), indoor live music performances are not permitted. Bands are permitted to rehearse or perform for the purpose of “a recorded or broadcasted event,” but spectators are not permitted.

Outdoor live music performances are permitted “with spectator capacity at 25% and other restrictions.”

To help bands prepare for shows (or simply jam), Royal City Studios’ rehearsal studios remain open with COVID safety protocols in effect. For rehearsal room occupancy limits and to book a studio, visit the Royal City Studios website.


Lake Fever Lager - RCS Music News Weekly

The Hip Launches Lake Fever Lager

The Tragically Hip, in partnership with Big Rock Brewery, just released the band’s first and only beer—Lake Fever Lager. Available for pre-order at and select retailers across Canada, Lake Fever Lager arrives just in time to raise a glass this Canada Day, reflect on the resilience and strength of all people in the face of pandemic challenges, and say, “Here’s to you. Here’s to your courage.”

Big Rock describes Lake Fever Lager as a “clean, uncompromised lager with a golden colour and a very approachable hop profile. Made for disconnecting on a dock at sunset or reconnecting with your favorite band.”

RCS Music News Weekly says cheers to that.

Voices - RCS Music News Weekly

Voices Now Welcomes Musicians and Singers

Voices, the world’s leading voiceover marketplace, has expanded its platform and now welcomes music composers and singers in addition to translators and audio producers. “For years, brands have invested in their visual identities,” says David Ciccarelli, the founder and CEO of Voices, headquartered in London, Ont. “Now, brands worldwide are also defining what they sound like. New audio assets are being developed, such as a library of brand-friendly music, sound effects, and even sonic logos. We have always hosted world-class vocal talent, so the move to include singers and musicians is a natural step.”

Voices serves businesses looking for voiceover talent for animation projects, audiobooks, eLearning courses, online videos, podcasts, radio, TV, and video games.

Need a quiet space to record your voiceover demo? Royal City Studios’ recording studio is open. Book online here. If recording studio time isn’t in your budget, book a rehearsal studio. Just bring your laptop and microphone and RCS will get you comfortably set up with a desk and chair just like you may have at home (minus noise distractions you may have at home).

Royal G Symphony - RCS Music News Weekly

Royal G Symphony Performs The King’s Highway on June 27th

Guelph alt-rock band Royal G Symphony (RGS) livestreams a performance of their debut EP, The King’s Highway on Sunday, June 27th, 8 – 9 p.m. Presented by Good Company Productions, the hyperlocal music and event production company based in Waterloo Region, the show will be livestreamed on YouTube and only ticket holders will receive the stream link.

Tickets just $10, available at Good Company Productions.

RGS also recently announced the amicable departure of guitarist Logan Kennelly. As recently posted by RGS, “We do want to address how much Logan has contributed to this band being what it is today. Logan has been playing with RGS since day one and has contributed so much to [The King’s Highway],” from the last guitar solo on the end of “Merlot” to harmonies on “Juno” and “I’m Not Crazy.” “He’ll always be a part of the RGS team, and we want to thank him for helping us get to where we are today.”

As replacement for Logan, the band has welcomed back former RGS guitarist Tristan, who will make his return performance debut on June 27th.