In this special RCS Music News Weekly report: Why 78% of companies are now ready to invest more money into audio, and how this presents an opportunity for you and your audio experience as a musician and/or sound engineer.

It Starts with “Are You There?”

Countless pandemic Zoom meetings involving “Are you there?” and “Sorry, I cut out” have awoken more businesses to the importance of good-quality audio and paying for the right equipment and expertise to have it. Indeed, with many businesses planning to make working from home the new normal (as in for good), high-quality audio is now seen by many companies as mission critical in customer-facing positions such as sales and customer service, and 78% of companies are willing to pay extra for it, according to new findings by EPOS.

Trouble Is, Cheap Tools Only Keep Missions in Critical Condition

The problem for businesses, according to a March 19th release by EPOS: “Although willingness to invest in audio has increased sharply, businesses don’t seem to have extensive knowledge of available audio solutions.” As a result, they continue to “base their decisions on cost-efficiency.” In other words, without much knowledge of microphones, audio software, and other equipment that musicians and sound engineers know to deliver great-quality sound, they continue to use onboard laptop microphones and other cheap tools that they understand but negatively impact business.

You Can Help Change That

On March 22nd, 2021, Microsoft released its inaugural Work Trend Index. Titled “The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work—Are We Ready?” the report indicates that COVID’s global disruption to business and the workplace will make the hybrid workplace the norm post-COVID. Realizing the same conclusion, EPOS advises business leaders, “Only premium audio solutions fitting specific use cases will be future proof.”

Since all businesses are interested in future-proofing (that is, remaining in business and staying competitive), business leaders will need to do more than walk into Best Buy and say, “Give me a bunch of audio gear that you think I need.” They’ll need people with hands-on audio experience to help guide them in both their audio purchases and setting up systems to meet their objectives.

This means your audio experience as a musician or sound engineer has real value beyond the music industry, and all you really need to do is ask a business, “How can I help you?”

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