Open Jams, Open Mics, and
Build – A – Band Nights

We have many opportunities for you to get together with other musicians from Guelph and the surrounding area, and make some great music!

Open Mic Thursdays

Every Thursday from 7pm to 10pm you can come out, sign up, and perform on stage. Do your thing as an individual, as a band, or backed up by the RCS House Band! Originals and covers are welcome.

Build A Band Nights

On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from 7pm to 11pm, you’ll have a tremendous experience. Just show up with your instrument. We’ll team you up with friends and strangers into a band to learn a song. Then each band will perform for everyone. After that, we mix up the bands and start again. We have amps, mics. Drummers: while we have lots of kits your cymbals are appreciated as we only have 3 sets.

Open Jam Sundays

Currently on hold. The 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month will be a group Open Jam. Generally performing covers of hits from the past few decades. While we appreciate attendees to bring ideas, we also have charts of great jam songs available to work from.

Coming Soon: Blues Open Mic Wednesdays

A more focused Open Mic for Blues. Same deal as the Open Mic Thursdays above.