Upcoming Open Jam – Oct 31 @2pm

Live in-person jams are back!

Come on out and give it shot, and don’t be shy. We need music lovers who can: sing, play instruments bass, percussion, drums, harmonica, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, banjo, horns, other instruments (surprise us!), and did I say SING. Have a look at the song theme for the 31st. Open jam is fluid, especially in these startup days. Got some ideas? If we can perform 4 or 5 songs at the end of 2 hours – that’s awesome! Have a look at the suggested songs, and maybe a little practice ahead of time, too.

Future open jams may focus on classic rock, country, folk, reggae… You get the pattern.

I’d really like to hear from you and find out what you want to get out of the open jam. For more information and encouragement: Steven Aboud. 519.823.6838. stevenaboud@gmail.com

  • Roadhouse Blues, by The Doors-1970. Key of E
  • Funk 49, by James Gang / Joe Walsh. Key of A Mixolydian
  • Superstition, by Stevie Wonder-1972. Key of E
  • Crossroads, by Cream-1966. Key of A (Robert Johnson-1936)
  • I’ll Play the Blues for You, by Daniel Castro-1999. Key of Gm (Albert King-1972)
  • Lay Down Sally by Eric Clapton. Key of A
  • Billie Jean, M Jackson-1982. Key of Bm.
  • Love Shack, B52’s. Key of D*
  • All Star, Smash Mouth-1999. Key of B
  • Scarlet Begonias, Grateful Dead-1974. Key of E (or C#m relative minor)

INFORMATION: Open Jams are free. Thank you, Jim Duffield! Donations happily accepted.

How To Connect (NOTE: Online jams are temporarily on hold)

Check out the blog post for the online open jams to learn how to get connected using Jamulus.

To see others while playing in the open jam, feel free to connect to our Zoom:

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