Belated thanks to the Guelph artist who called the other day to ask whether it really is $5 for Guelph rehearsal space at Royal City Studios. He thought it may have been a typo. So, we thought we’d make this post in case you’re wondering the same.

Small rehearsal spaces at Royal City Studios really do go for just $5 per hour per person. And we have two available spaces for 1-3 people. Studio 1 is 117 sq. ft. Studio 2 is 123 sq. ft. Both come with amps, basic PA, and drums. (Drummers: Just bring your cymbals and sticks.)

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Why so affordable?

Simple. Royal City Studios prides itself on being an open and accessible environment to support bands and solo artists of all ages to rehearse and record. Budget can often be a constraint for people. So, in the fullest scope of Guelph rehearsal space accessibility, we made sure to include two studios that are accessible to anyone on any budget for any creative purpose:

  • Bands or solo artists rehearsing for shows or recording sessions
  • DJs who want to test drive sets before their next gig
  • Karaoke singers who need a space to rehearse before their next show

Whatever your artistry, Royal City Studios provides affordable Guelph rehearsal space to make sure there are no barriers to the facilities you deserve, including:

  • Open and spacious kitchen nook with refreshments, water, and snacks for refueling
  • Free WiFi with window counter seating
  • Lounge area with couches and chairs to relax
  • Fully accessible, gender-neutral washrooms
  • Tons of free parking

Check it all out for yourself in our short walkthrough video.

>> Book your rehearsal space today online

Royal City Studios is located at 930 Woodlawn Road West, Unit 1, in Guelph, ON. No car to get here?

You can grab the No. 18 bus from the Woodlawn Smart Centres to Imperial, where it’s a short walk to Royal City Studios.