Maelle Albert…what a blessing for RCS. Like most of us, this talented young lady is juggling her day job to help the studio “shine”. Maelle began participating at Build-a-Band events with her mom Erika…who is also one of our bass players. I first met Maelle and her mom at one of our Open Mics where she sang and played Ukulele. I thought “What a cool kid”, haha. Well, she’s not a kid, but I’m a dad of 2 girls her age….so I can call her one of my kids! Yuri and I kept stretching her, putting her on stage, in the rehearsal, and then finally the Recording Studio! She wears a few hats for us:

  • Bass and Vocal in the House Band.
  • Live Sound Engineer.
  • Host for the Build-a-Band Event.
  • Bartender.
  • Artist – Wall Murals.