The Music Hall is a beautiful, open space with plenty of natural light.

Hall Dimensions: 20 feet by 60 feet = 1200 square feet
Fee: $90 per hour (call for multi-hour discounts)

Hall Uses

  • Musical rehearsals (concert band, orchestra, big band, choir, sectionals)
  • Live music event (album release party, small concert)
  • Business meeting or reception
  • Personal meeting or reception
  • Workshop
  • You tell us!


  • Drum kit
  • Chairs (please advise how many you will require)

Please Bring Your Own

  • Music stands
  • Instruments
  • Drum cymbals

Support (for an additional fee)

  • Live audio equipment
  • Stage risers
  • Live audio recording
  • Live video recording
  • Replaceable music accessories (strings, sticks, picks, reeds, oil, straps)
  • Drum cymbals