The team at Royal City Studios share the same interest: a love for music and working with others who do too! Whether you have been practicing for years or are new musician, we would love to host you at our Studios.

We are extremely proud of our team and would like to introduce you to each of them individually in a series of blog posts.

First up is Frank Jannetta from our concierge team.

When did you first take an interest in music?

Growing up in a musical household exposed me to music at a young age. My sister could play the piano very well and my brother got to know his guitar. It all started from there.

Which instrument(s) do you play?

I play drums and bass! I also play guitar but not very well.

What is your favourite project you have ever worked on? Why?

My favourite music project was probably when me and a band I used to play with recorded our 6-song ep. Seeing a project from a small idea in someone’s head and turning it into a song you can push play on Apple Music is pretty magical. Not to mention, we recorded it and mixed it ourselves. We also got to play in the Lachie Music Festival with a lot of bands I grew up listening to. It was an incredible experience.

Which musician would you love to work with?

I would love to work with everyone!

How do you continue to improve your craft?

I continue to practice my craft of mixing and mastering. There are some amazing websites that allow you to mix multitracks from different genres. When music work is slow, I always grab some multitracks to mix for practice. It gives me a chance to try out new techniques and tricks to keep my craft fresh.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I get inspiration from the musicians and music lovers around me. I also get inspired by hearing a mix that is better than mine. It makes me want to find out how they did a certain thing. It doesn’t discourage me but makes me want to be better.

If you didn’t work in music, what would you be doing?

I would probably work in electronics of some sort.

What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to be an engineer working with Grammy award-winning artists.

What is your favourite part about your job?

My favourite part about my job is going to be seeing musicians grow in their craft, make better songs and see how they will impact the world with their music.

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