Remember when people were wondering when live music would come back? Thankfully, that time is now, and bands are booking concerts everywhere, including Royal City Studios’ music hall. Here are some of the RCS concerts confirmed for May and June:

Logan Staats concert at Royal City Studios

May 6thThe Howlin’ Gales, Baybe the Band, and No Service

May 7thThe Amber Room, Motherfolk, Loviet, and Cody Drake

May 13th – A Night in the Country with Paige Rutledge, Angelica Appelman, and Jessie T

June 2ndNick MacLean Quartet

  • Tickets available here.

June 17th – The Coywolves

June 24thCampbell & Johnson

Exclusive for RCS Music News Weekly readers: This week, RCS began chatting with Apricity about a possible late-summer concert, though nothing has been confirmed at this time. (Fingers crossed.) If you haven’t listened to Apricity, listen to “The Fear” and “All My Lies” or watch her performance of Queen’s “A Kind of Magic” at the 4th Canadian Independent Music Video Awards with Sticks N’ Stones and Yan Simon.

All concerts listed above are licensed and accessible. Tickets to all concerts are limited. Where tickets are currently available, they may be sold out at the time of this newsletter. To ensure you don’t miss out, order your tickets today.

Royal G Symphony in concert at Royal City Studios

Royal G Symphony in concert at RCS.

Yes, Bands/Promoters Can Still Book the RCS Music Hall for Free for Concerts

Back when the doors were locked at RCS, the lights were out, and the music industry was taking a royal pandemic hammering, RCS made a promise. To help bands get back on their feet and bring live concerts back, RCS promised to make its music hall available to bands for free.

Today, the lights are back on, and RCS kept its promise—and still does.

Bands and promoters can still book the RCS music hall for free for concerts.

This extends to all musicians, wherever they live.

When people hear about this offer, they naturally wonder what the catch is. Yet there’s zero catch, because it’s all pretty simple.

If live music is to thrive again, there’s strength in community, and the simplest way to welcome a community is to open the doors.

To that end, we encourage you to share RCS Music News Weekly with friends, family, and colleagues, to help as many people find as many open doors as possible, and we would encourage you to do this today. As you can see in the RCS Music and Event Hall Availability Calendar, concert dates and time slots are filling up fast.

For more details about booking the hall, read our recent blog, Music Hall Booking Info for Bands.

Build a Band Night at Royal City Studios

Concerts certainly aren’t the only cool things happening at Royal City Studios. Each month is filled with lots of amazing opportunities for musicians and singers of all skill levels to meet new friends, network, and perform.

Return Dates for Build a Band Night

Royal City Studios is absolutely thrilled that musicians and singers of all ages have been coming out by the carload for Build a Band Night. Open to beginner and intermediate musicians/singers, the event is a fantastic opportunity for musicians/singers to network and make music, and underscores Royal City Studios’ core commitment to support local and area artists of all skill levels in developing their craft in a welcoming, supportive, and accessible rehearsal environment.

Build a Band Night happens the 2nd and 4th Sunday night each month from 7-11 PM. Upcoming dates:

  • May 8th
  • June 12th
  • June 26th

If you haven’t had a chance to come out yet, here’s how the evening works:

  • Orientation and band building happens from 7-7:30 PM, so get there early to be part of the first round of bands and performances.
  • Each band then goes into a rehearsal studio to rehearse a song from supplied music for their on-stage performance.
  • Musicians/singers get matched up in a new band, rehearse another song, and perform again!

All singers, instruments, and ages welcome. No cost. Free parking. Accessible. Family/friends welcome to come along and enjoy the show in the licensed hall.

Amps, PA, drums, etc., provided. Just bring your gear and/or voice.

Questions? Concerns? DM RCS on social, email, or call (226) 314-2177.

Thursday Open Mic Nights

Hosted by Geoff Jackson and the RCS House Band, Thursday Open Mic Nights (happening every Thursday from 7-11 PM at Royal City Studios) are an open-format opportunity for musicians and singers of all ages and skill levels to showcase their music on stage in the licensed RCS music hall.

There’s no cost to participate. Amps, PA, microphones, etc., are all provided. Just bring your instrument and/or voice. Perform solo or join the band on stage to sing and/or play. It’s up to you. Simply sign up for a time slot when you get there. Or just drop by to check it all out.

Thursday Open Mic Nights are also open to music lovers to come out, enjoy a drink/snacks and conversation, support artists, and kick back for a night of live music.

Sunday Afternoon Jams

For those who can’t make it out on Thursdays, RCS offers the Sunday Afternoon Jam on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month from 2-4 PM. Hosted by Steve Aboud, the format is similar to Thursday Open Mic Nights—an open-format opportunity for musicians and singers of all ages and skill levels to showcase their music on stage in the licensed RCS music hall.

There’s no cost to join. Amps, PA, etc., are provided. Just show up to showcase what you do, and music lovers are welcome to come and enjoy live music, a drink (hard or soft), snacks, and great conversation.

Upcoming dates: May 1st, May 15th, June 5th, and June 19th. For the full calendar, visit the event page.

RCS Songwriter’s Showcase

Hosted by Dan Pharaoh on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from 1-3 PM, the RCS Songwriter’s Showcase is designed for singer-songwriters to come out, play their original music, and take away songwriting feedback from other songwriters. Equally, the afternoon provides songwriters the opportunity to lend their feedback and experience to other artists.

Songwriters find the RCS Songwriter’s Showcase very rewarding. As an example, host Dan Pharaoh recently said to RCS that songwriters often come in stuck for how to complete a song yet walk away enriched and able to complete their songs with the help of those who attend.

Upcoming dates: May 8th, June 12th, and June 26th.

Tremendous Thanks to Everyone for Their Ongoing Support

As a premier facility serving musicians in Guelph and the surrounding areas for rehearsal, recording, and concerts, Royal City Studios couldn’t have survived the pandemic without the support of so many people (you know who you are), and in this, a truly unique musical community was born. It’s a privilege to be part of this community. Not a day goes by when we do not stand in wonder and gratitude.

From everyone at RCS, thank you all for being incredible people and evidence of what can be when we come together.