Halloween may come once a year, but there’s enough cool music gear out there with a Halloween theme to keep any artist looking scary-awesome all year long. Here are five of our favorites:

Halloween-themed guitar picks

1. Kirk Hammett Six-Pack of Pick Awesomeness

Take your shredding to monstrous and mystical levels with custom Halloween-themed guitar picks inspired by legendary Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. For Guelph-area guitarists, Long & McQuade does not have any picks in stock (at the time of this blog) but indicates online that their supplier has picks in stock and should be able to ship you picks within 5 business days. You can also find them on Amazon.

2. Ghastly Guitar Grips

Someone asks you, “Where’s your guitar?” You answer, “It’s over there being held by the Grip Reaper.” (Cue the lightning flashes and unsettling Vincent Price laugh track from Thriller.) That’s just one option for you to amaze and terrify your friends when you check out the Ghastly Grips collection by Guitar Grip. Also in the collection: Toxic Zombie and Mummy Hand.

3. HotPicks Zombie Guitar Strap

When the zombies attack, they’re pretty much going to stop undead in their tracks and go “Whoa!” when they see you decked out in HotPicks’ Zombie Guitar Strap. But yes, they’re still going to want to eat your brains. So, you’ll probably want to run while they’re standing there amazed.

4. Horror Guitar Skins

Wield a cool new axe with “marine-grade” horror-themed guitar skins by Skin Your Skunk, which also features fantasy-themed skins, rock art skins, and superhero-themed skins. The site also features an extensive selection of dropdown menus and choices, plus a video gallery.

5. Coffin Cases

Bram Stoker would have been Bram Stoked by the collection of Coffin musical accessories used by artists such as Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Suicide Tendencies), Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper) and John 5 (Rob Zombie). From coffin-shaped guitar cases (complete with red velvet lining) to stick bags (soft and hard cases), wall hangers and other cool guitar gear, Coffin cases turn the heads of both the living and undead alike.