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Royal City Studios was created to provide individuals and groups of musicians with quality music studios to rehearse and record in. We baked in all of the important stuff musicians really want in a rehearsal space:

  • Great sound in the rehearsal studios, with no echoes or feedback, sufficient for basic recording
  • Isolation from other music studios so that other musicians’ sounds do not interfere with your work, and your sounds can’t be heard by others
  • Solid equipment tuned by a sound expert to help you just arrive, plug in, and rehearse
  • Refreshments to fuel your work
  • Replacement items in case something has been forgotten or broken (sticks, picks, strings, reeds, etc.)
  • A respectful, inclusive, and fully accessible environment
  • With the vast numbers of musicians and groups in Guelph, we also look forward to hearing your ideas and making this facility the best in Canada.

Please send comments and suggestions to feedback@royalcitystudios.ca.

Google Reviews

Scott Joyce
Scott Joyce
06:01 24 May 19
Andy Binns
Andy Binns
20:18 14 May 19
Practiced here with our group and was fantastic. Small room was $25, little tight but we made it work for a 4 piece band.read more
Peter Devries
Peter Devries
13:25 23 Apr 19
This is an amazing set of practice and recording studios in Guelph. I took a tour of Royal City Studios during their open house April 20th. The Team at Royal City Studios was welcoming and open to show what they have. Each studio is set up and ready for you to plug in and practice or record your next great hit.read more
George Duffield
George Duffield
23:23 11 Apr 19
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“Musicians, whether amateur, professional, or in-between, all have better lives when they can play freely. No more being asked to quiet down.” – Jim Duffield, Owner